Moveline Protection Plan

Moving Insurance options and benefits

No matter how hard we all try to be careful, sometimes life gets in the way. Accidents happen. Crews may trip and drop something. Rough roads can cause shifting in the truck that damages your things. The Moveline Protection Plan is designed to reimburse you if and when damage occurs. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered, and because Moveline manages the entire process, you know you’ll always be treated fairly.

How it works

Your amount of coverage will be based on the size of your shipment. If you want specialty coverage on specific items, or would like to upgrade or downgrade your coverage, check with your Move Captain team.


The standard $500 deductible plan is included with Moveline Plus, though you can opt for higher or lower deductible plans. For Moveline Basic, only a total-loss policy is available. Check with the Move Captain team for details.