heavy lifting help loading truck when moving

Loading seems simple, but it’s essential to having a good moving experience. For starters, tightly loading the truck helps ensure less shifting during transit, which means fewer scratches or dings. Proper loading also ensures that you’ll only need to use as much of the truck as estimated. On a Moveline Basic move, since you’ll be loading your own things, if you end up using more space than estimated, it’s no problem. But you’ll be charged for the additional space used.

How it works

For Moveline Basic moves, you’ll have three days to load your truck (which will be empty when it arrives). With Moveline Plus, a two to five man crew will load your things on moving day. Once everything is loaded, a bulkhead is installed that remains in place until delivery.

Pricing: Included

Included in Moveline Plus, and an optional service in Moveline Basic. Pricing depends on the type and amount of stuff that needs to be loaded.