Custom crating and packaging to move fragile or large items

For items that are fragile or especially valuable, we recommend custom crating to prepare them for safe shipping to your new place. In other cases, crates are built to prevent heavy or sharp items from damaging other items on the truck. Either way, crates add an extra layer of protection to special items, and in some cases, are required if you plan on insuring those items. Your Move Captain will let you know if an item should be crated.

How it works

Before loading, your movers (or a carpenter they work with) will build a wooden crate fit to the dimensions of your item.

Upon delivery at your new home, the crate will be unloaded and disassembled before the item's placed inside. Most crates are broken down and removed by the crew when the move is over, but you're welcome to save the crating materials for your next move if you like.


The price of a crate is determined by the size of the item, and is not included in the base price of a Moveline move. Your Move Captain can help you determine if you need a shipping crate, and the estimated cost.

Relevant Items

Using a custom crate for Glass table tops
Glass table tops
Using a custom crate for Marble statues
Marble statues
Using a custom crate for Framed mirrors
Framed mirrors
Using a custom crate for Chandeliers
Using a custom crate for Taxidermy
Using a custom crate for CRT/Projection TVs
CRT/Projection TVs
Using a custom crate for Fine Art
Fine Art
Using a custom crate for Fancy Vases
Fancy Vases