Your move. Your stuff. Your options.

Moving is not a one-size-fits-all operation. That’s why Moveline gives you two great packages to consider, as well as a range of optional services you can select to customize your move.

Moveline Plus is our standard service, but it sets a whole new standard for the industry. We take our lightning-fast shipping, smart logistics monitoring and stellar Move Captain customer service, and add in professional furniture wrapping/loading, unloading/unwrapping, and our full-coverage Moveline Protection Plan. The result? Your stuff is delivered way faster, and because the pros really know how to load a truck, it all arrives safe and sound. For most, Moveline Plus is the best fit.

But let’s say you want the quick delivery, smart logistics and customer service of Moveline, but you need to save a few bucks. That’s where Moveline Basic comes in. By taking on the task of loading and unloading the truck yourself, you trade sweat equity for a lower total cost. For smaller moves or moves where you don’t have as much valuable stuff, it can be a great option.

Ready to get started? Set up a chat with a Move Captain by using the form to the right. It only takes a few minutes, and you pay nothing until you actually book a move.