comparing quality movers with Moveline

It’s not magic. But it might feel like it.

Efficiency is critical to the moving industry. Unfortunately, many traditional moving companies create efficiencies that benefit their bottom line, at your expense. The result? A coast-to-coast move can take three to six weeks to be delivered. That’s not good enough.

Moveline is built on an entirely different shipping system that’s 10 times the size of the traditional household goods shipping network. That means more routes, more trucks, and more options. We’re in the high-speed lane on the shipping industry freeway. With Moveline, that same coast-to-coast move arrives on your new doorstep in 10 days (or less). And the difference all comes down to logistics.

Bigger is absolutely better

By taking advantage of a much larger shipping network, we can route your things to you more directly than traditional movers. A lazy cross-country tour to multiple cities might be fun for you, but not for your stuff.

Improved tracking and updates

We think you should always be able to check in and ask where your things are. Our team can give you updates anytime you want, and let you know specifically where the truck is, and when to expect delivery.

Way tighter delivery windows

And you thought cable was bad. Traditional movers often give delivery windows of two to four weeks. Nearly a month! With Moveline, our delivery windows are typically one to three days.